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Mascot Mug is a unique beverage mug that contains two separated compartments: A bottom compartment or reservoir which contains 200ml (this includes the handle of the cup too) and a top compartment which can hold 500ml. The two compartments are connected to each other by a thin “vein” which runs on the outside of the cup. The vein then lips at the top of the cup and faces into the top compartment. The user can then transfer the liquid from the bottom compartment to the top one by blowing on a rubber cap that is connected to the handle. The pressure from the blowing compresses the fluid in the reservoir and forces it up and through the vein and into the main compartment at the top. This allows the user to quickly and conveniently mix two different types of liquids of their choice.


Mascot Mug is made up of two different parts that are each made from their own material. The cup is made from styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) plastic, and the cap is made from a thermoplastic elastomer rubber (TPE). In the one injection molding machine, the mug is ejected out of the mold in 2 halves. The other mold is used to make the rubber caps. This mold consists of four cavities which mean that on every cycle, four new caps get ejected from the machine.

The SAN halves are then plastic welded together manually using a Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) and cyclohexanone solvent. These are specialized solvents that cause a chemical reaction (reaction with the ketone oxygen molecule) on the plastic surface that makes the plastic melt. The solvents then evaporate completely, leaving zero residues behind- this makes the mug safe for human consumption. The Cap is then put onto the handle of the cup after it has cured an then placed inside the packaging

Weight and dimensions:

Weight (mug and cap): 148 grams

Total height: 159.5mm

Height main compartment: 106.8mm

Top diameter: 85.3mm

bottom diameter: 68.7mm

Handle top diameter: 35.3mm

Vein Inside diameter: 3mm

How to use it:

It is pretty much the most simple concept on earth! Pull off the rubber cap, pour in your desired amount of mixer fluid through the handle, close the cap, and then blow. Once you have transferred the right amount of mixer fluid from the bottom into the main compartment, top up with your choice of base drink, then away you go!

Contact Details:

Mug & cap: Sandplast

Packaging: Masterpack Cape

Mascot Mug office: LaunchLab