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About – The journey

The original inception of the idea dates to as far back as November 2012 when, as a matric pupil, Theuns Nel was always fascinated with the idea of being an inventor and patenting his own designs. He admits that not much was done to turn this idea into a tangible product, and with engineering studies starting to take over, the dream had begun to fade like Morne Steyn's rugby career- but not forever…

Fast forward a little over 4 years, where the idea had returned to Theuns, nearing the end of his studies at Stellenbosch University. He now had a better vision of what he wanted. He had also been working on the design of his mug little by little over time. After working with patent attorneys and designers from Ideanav in Johannesburg, as well as a plastic injection molding company in Cape Town called Sandplast, and after more tweaking of the design than it would take to transform Tannie Betsie's antiquated Uno into a Ferrari, Theuns and his team managed to come to the end design of this unique dual container beverage mug.

Now that the design of the mug had been finalized and the mold was busy being constructed overseas, Theuns had to work on creating an identity for this invention, as well as giving it 'so klein bitjie gees'. It required a name, logo, local design protection, and online media presence. This was done over a 6-month period, and along the way, a name behind this wonder had been agreed upon- Mascot Mug. The name and logo would be eventually be something that every young person attending any form of social event would be able to recognize and associate with.