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The Vision

Redefining The Meaning of Fun

Mascot Mug is the ultimate leisure mug that allows the user to conveniently blow a mix on the move. It will be at your side when the going is tough and will be right there celebrating with you too once those obstacles have been overcome! For any social event, sports game, festival, or even a more intimate occasion; Mascot Mug is the perfect partner in crime to share your fondest memories with! The method behind this novelty is as simple as it comes. Pour the mix into the bottom compartment through the handle, close the rubber cap, and then pour the desired amount of base liquid into the main compartment along with your drink of choice.

When Theuns Nel, the inventor of Mascot Mug, describes his thought on the mug he explained it as "a product that everyone with a bit of spirit has in their household. It is not just a product that is affordable, unique, good-looking, has a cool functionality and simplifies life, but also offers that little bit of a personal warm feeling knowing that you have your own personal partner in Mascot Mug. I want the user to feel like he/she is really part of something cool by purchasing this mug. And with many stickers and logos on the mugs, as well as a variety of colors, I want every user to be able to pick out one with a logo that best represents themselves. I want the product to redefine the meaning of fun!"

The reasoning behind this name Mascot Mug was due to the vision that Theuns had of having every buyer of the product united with their very own mascot, best pal, and partner in crime. He wanted the user to get this wholesome feeling of belonging to the Mascot family! Theuns would then go a step further and investigate a whole other dimension of marketing. This related to the potential advertising exposure that Mascot Mug could give to firms, sports teams, organizations, etc. wanting to have their logo printed on the mug. Theuns was very intrigued with this business aspect of the cup, and it would be one that he would pursue with vigor.

Theuns also has the vision of making this a product that has a ‘Proudly South African’ identity to it, something like the Vuvuzela, Zam-Buk, or Mrs. H.S Ball’s chutney. He wanted the product to be embedded in the very heritage of proud South Africans. Now with the mold safe and sound in Mzansi after a month on the ocean, the local manufacturing of the product can be put in motion! The time is finally upon us. Sesfikile!

Theuns Nel would like to thank all those individuals and firms who helped him along the way:

Mr. Tollie Nel (Father and primary funder of the project)

Mr. Christopher Smith (Sandplast)

Ms. Ashleigh Fraser (Friend and co-designer of the logo)

Mr. Paulo Lopes (Ideanav / Sibanda and Zantwijk)

Mr. Wikus Combrinck (Designer, Ideanav)

Mrs. Sara Spiro (Trademark attorney, Sibanda and Zantwijk)

Mr. Henri Du Toit (Owner, Custom 3D)

Mrs. Gizelle Meyer (Marketing manager, Launch Lab)

Mr. Michael Cooper (Manager, Masterpack Cape)