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Party Season New Make-Over

The upcoming holiday season just became rejuvenated by a new player in the game! He goes by the name Mascot Mug, and he is something that makes you wonder how humanity ever got to this stage of life without him being around?

To cut the small talk, Mascot Mug has only one goal in mind... 

and that is to share every bit of the experience with as your ultimate drinking buddy and partner in crime. Whether it be refreshing sundowners on the savannah flats or beach parties in Plettenberg Bay, Mascot Mug will be with you in that moment, making those memories just that much more Lekker!

So grab yourself a Mascot Mug - and one for your tjom too - and pour some of your favorite spirit in (Parow Brandy for the W). Then just gooi ys en mix, give it a blow, and let life take its course.

Bederf jouself, jou effing Legend


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